Maasai Mara (Masai Mara) National Reserve

The maasai mara named after the maasai people (the original inhabitants of the reserve) is undoubtedly Africa’s best safari destination.The reserve is famous for the annual wildlife migration of over 1.85 million wildebeests,Thomson gazelles,zebra,topi and elands across the Mara river as they contest for their lives against Nile crocodiles in the river from the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania.The park holds the largest population density of big cats-more than any other single place.The famous big five (African elephant, African buffalo,Leopard,Black rhinoceros and the lion) are also found within the Mara.Other animals found within the Mara include;heartebeests,giraffes,antelopes,impalas and the bat eared foxes.Birds to be found include;marabou storks,horn bills,vultures and ostriches.The park covers 1510 kilometers squared.Watch the “ultimate face off in the Mara” between man and beast!Who is gonna flinch?Man or beast………!!!??

Who flinches?Watch this!


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