Kenya is one of the world’s undisputed best holiday and tourist destinations.

With its abundance in wildlife, beautiful vegetation and breath-taking sceneries, fresh tropical climate, rich African culture, sandy coastal beaches, historical sites like the Fort Jesus, just but to mention a few, compounded with the hospitality offered by the locals you surely wont complain after a vacation in Kenya!

An African Sun Set in Kenya...awesome!

An African Sun Set in Kenya…awesome!


This site is intended to offer as much information as there is in regard to tourism in Kenya. If you are a tourist planning to visit Kenya this site will be of great help as you make your plans.


Breathtaking safaris in Kenya’s Game Parks and National Reserves.

While in the country, kenyantourism.wordpress.com through the tourism news page will keep you posted on news viewed as relevant to a tourist in the country.


Sunbathing at the Kenyan coast

Sunbathing at the Kenyan coast

In-case you need personalized advice,information or guidance which you feel has not been provided here feel free to contact kenyantourism through this email; kenyantourismwp@gmail.com


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